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"A Quality piece deserves quality yarn. We don't settle for anything less than, the best!!"-The Fiber Alchemist


Is to provide YOU with only the most OUTSTANDING fibers, yarns, crocheted apparel and accessories. We are bringing crochet and fiber art, back into the modern day with enthusiasm, passion and love!

*Now serving the continental United States*

If you are overseas, or in an adjacent country (i.e. Canada/Mexico etc), please feel free to contact us with any inquiries on any of the products seen here! Willing to ship anywhere at buyer's expense.  Normal tax, shipping and handling fees apply. 


Hand Dyed, Self Striping, Original Colorways Available Now and More to Come!

(Descriptions of Yarns Above)

Bring some serious color into your life with these lovely self striping original colorways from "The Fiber Alchemist" from Reservoir Fibers-Lindsey Bucci.

Hand dyed with self striping four foot color runs. Each skein contains three colors.  All were dyed onto luxury yarn bases imported from Canada's "Serendipity Farms" who only produce high quality fine and super fine alpaca fleeces (under 20 microns) blended and mill spun. They also sell roving and raw fleeces.

You know we only use quality yarns here so these yarns are nothing but SPECTACULAR! Beautiful drape and softness. Along with beautiful sheen, with a slight halo. This is a more "smooth looking" yarn but it does have a slight "halo effect" creating quite angelic high quality pieces.

"BLOOD LUST"(sold out) 3 ply, fingering weight, 358 yards 85% fine alpaca 15% mohair

Deep Crimson, Deep Cherry Red, Jet Black

(Computer monitors may not show true color, they are nothing aside from gorgeous in person)

"FATAL ATTRACTION"- 2ply, lace weight 558 yards 80% royal cria alpaca (baby alpaca/super fine) 20% mohair. 3 ply fingering weight, 358 yards also available for a limited time.

Purple, Teal, Soft Black

(Computer monitors may not show true colors, phones seem to show truer colors.)

"PEACOCK"- 3 ply, fingering weight- 358 yds. 85% Fine Huacaya Alpaca 15% Mohair

Colors: Brilliant Blue, Turqoise, Sun Yellow, Dark Green.

 (Computer monitors may not show true color, they are nothing aside from gorgeous in person)