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"A Quality piece, deserves quality yarn!!"-The‚Äč Fiber Alchemist


Is to provide YOU with only the most OUTSTANDING fibers, yarns, crocheted apparel and accessories. We are bringing crochet and fiber art, back into the modern day with enthusiasm, passion and love!

*Now serving the continental United States*

If you are overseas, or in an adjacent country (i.e. Canada/Mexico etc), please feel free to contact us with any inquiries on any of the products seen here! Willing to ship anywhere at buyer's expense.  Normal tax, shipping and handling fees apply. 

We are not taking orders right now, but will be re-opening very soon! Keep an eye out for dyed rovings and yarns! Coming very soon!



"Chakra" Themed 

Luxury Spinning Batt

Ultimate luxury, in one GIANT batt:

9.3 ounces

45% Extra Fine Merino Wool

15% Muga Silk

15% Mulberry Silk

15% Camel (16 microns)

5% Triobal Nylon

5% Sari Silk

 This Batt is comprised of rainbow of colors. Each one representing a chakra of the body.  The rainbow of wools on the inside is Australian imported, extra fine, 18 micron merino wool.  The golden layer is comprised of muga silk, camel, mulberry silk. This layer brings extreme luxury.  The more you wash muga silk the more luster it gets, which is very special.  The gold layer is sandwiched between another layer of merino with a rainbow triobal nylon in it.  To bring together all of the colors in the batt, as well as bring in some sparkle.  Who doesn't love a little sparkle right?  Gold represents spirituality and illumination.  Gold is a symbol is a symbol of immutability, eternity and perfection in all matter.  The hints of sari silk on this last layer represents our imperfections. No one is perfect. It also gives a slight texture to this batt. Not all that much was used.  It also brings together all of the colors used to represent the chakras.


SOLD Chakra Batt

Gray Merino/Tussah Silk SALE

70% Gray Merino 30%Tusssah Silk

Gray Merino/Silk- Roving

Whimsy SALE

85% Merino 15% Bamboo- Roving- 4 ounces


Grand Canyon SALE

Merino/Baby Alpaca/Bamboo- Roving 4 ounces


Grand Canyon- Merino/alpaca/bamboo

Bundle Wensleydale Locks (SOLD OUT)

Beautiful silky 1 ounce bundle of hand dyed locks

Teeswater locks 1 oz.

Teeswater X Masham Lock Bundle(SOLD OUT)

Natural colored 0.8 ounce bundle of super silky Teeswater x Masham locks. 

Bundle of Locks Teeswater