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"A Quality piece, deserves quality yarn!!"-The​ Fiber Alchemist


Is to provide YOU with only the most OUTSTANDING fibers, yarns, crocheted apparel and accessories. We are bringing crochet and fiber art, back into the modern day with enthusiasm, passion and love!

*Now serving the continental United States*

If you are overseas, or in an adjacent country (i.e. Canada/Mexico etc), please feel free to contact us with any inquiries on any of the products seen here! Willing to ship anywhere at buyer's expense.  Normal tax, shipping and handling fees apply. 

We are not taking orders right now, but will be re-opening very soon! Keep an eye out for dyed rovings and yarns! 




Bringing Crochet Into The Modern Day

With Enthusiasm, Passion and LOVE 

Owner/Operator/Fiber Artist:

Lindsey Bucci- "The Fiber Alchemist"



To provide only the highest quality crocheted apparel and accessories.  As well as, hand spun, dyed, painted yarns. Where our slogan is - "A quality piece, deserves quality yarn. We don't settle for anything less than, the best!"


        In August 2015 I lost my fiancé Joseph. He taught me a lot and I used everything he taught me, to start my own business.  In losing him, I found myself and what I love to do. They say everything happens for a reason and that saying rings true here. I needed to figure out a way to pay the bills AND take care of our son alone. So I decided to take my hobby and try making it into a business. He always told me to use my talents, because I was given these talents for a reason.  The only thing I can do now is try to make him proud.  So here I am, two years after losing him, sharing my love of fiber art with all of you!

          I learned crochet when I was twelve, from my aunt Caryn.  She taught me two stitches and I took it from there. I learned without patterns, so a lot of the stuff I do is completely free formed. I also make up a lot of my own patterns, which are now available in the PATTERNS section.  I have been working very hard since losing him, and I now feel confident enough in my abilities to make them available for purchase. I really hope you enjoy them! There will be many in the future, as I have so many I have designed so many already!

            My love for crochet, turned into a passion for yarn.  That passion led me to buying my trusty Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel. Recently I got two electric spinners.  The Heavenly Handspinning "Arrow" and we had an Ashfors E-Spinner 3 donated to us.  Thank you Melanie for that one! Your donations are needed and very much appreciated! Spinning yarn and learning about processing fiber, led to me teaching myself how to dye the yarns I spun. I practiced and practiced until I was confident enough to sell my yarns.  Check out the New Hand Dyed Yarn (Gothic and Vibrant line), in the HAND DYED YARN section!  This is the only place in America you will find LittleFavorites By Rea gradient cakes in stock!  They are my favorite gradient cakes on the market.  When you try this yarn for yourself, and see how amazing she is at blending one color into the next, you will be just as much a fan as I am.  You can find the gradient cakes in the YARN section.

                 Being a single mom, there isn't much "extra". That is why I started the donation on the main page. If I could raise enough money to get the tools and supplies I need at a faster rate, I could accomplish a lot more.  I have been doing EVERYTHING by myself.  Running this business is a lot of work for one person. From designing patterns, to typing those patterns, to testing those patterns,  running all of the social media pages,  running this site, marketing and ads, designing and crocheting custom orders, spinning and dying yarn, EVERYTHING that goes into this, I do myself, while also taking care of my son at the same time.  It hasn't exactly been the easiest of roads to travel.   The PayPal  donation square is there if you would like to donate(preferred way of donating).  I am doing my best to save as much as I can, and purchase the things I need, as I go. But as I said, I am doing this all alone, so any help is greatly appreciated.  Your donations will help me be able to keep doing the free, in depth YouTube tutorials as well.  That in and of itself is so much work for free so we really need some help there.

                     We have also started a Patreon page for donations.  There you can choose a tier to be a monthly contributor and donator.  You also get the chance to get goodies with certain chosen tiers as well as access to exclusive content. Ordering a custom piece, or buying yarns and spinning fiber, will also help us reach our goal!  


               Here, I provide only the highest end crocheted apparel, accessories, yarns and fibers.  Because I am such a fiber enthusiast, I always have different fibers and breeds in stock, including many silk blends because they are my favorite. Who doesn't love silk?  Some are spun into yarn and sold, and some are dyed and sold, so you can have fun spinning them too! Keep an eye out on  Instagram and Facebook for my most recent yarns and fibers in stock.  I will also be re-opening our blog section very soon to keep you up to date on everything!

              If you would like something made for you,  whether it be crocheted and/or hand spun/dyed colorways, please e-mail me with your ideas at  [email protected] and I will be more than happy to oblige.  For any and all other questions please e-mail me at [email protected], or e-mail me personally at [email protected] Thank you for stopping by! I hope to see you again soon!☺